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What is meant by catering service?

Catering is the business of providing food and drink services at a remote site or a site such as a hotel, aircraft, yacht, park, filming site or studio, shop, entertainment site, or event venue such as Villa, private palace, private house, etc.

The catering company usually prepares the food and drinks at its premises and delivers it to the event when needed. It may also provide crockery, cutlery, glassware, tables, chairs, decorations and service staff.

Is Foodit Catering an official catering company?

Yes, Foodit Catering is a fully legal and licensed company and is part of the Official Association of Catering Companies of Ibiza and Formentera.

Can I ask for a private chef to Foodit Catering?

Yes, one of the services that Foodit Catering provides is to supply private staff such as chefs, waiters, bar-tenders, pastry chefs, etc.

Is Foodit Catering serving Spanish food only?

No, Foodit Catering is a Spanish company owned by Italian chefs and thanks to its international cooking staff is able to prepare the most delicious recipes from many regions of the world. We are, as instance, specialized in Spanish food, Italian food, Japanese food, Mediterranean food, Puruvian food, Mexican food, Asian food, North african food, Vegetarian food, Vegan food, Kosher food, etc etc.

What is the difference between Foodit Catering and other Catering companies on the market?

All catering companies basically offer similar catering services and private chef services. What is really important to evaluate, to decide which is the best catering company, is:

The catering company must be officially certified and hopefully inscribed at official catering associations (there are many unlegal catering companies in Ibiza and Formentera. These companies do not respect basic mandatory sanitary rules, do not have staff with sanitary certifications and they do not follow the basic process to store and transport food ensuring the cold chain).

The catering company should show, with real images of previous caterings and recommendation of satisfied clients the way is able to ensure your desired catering Service.

Make sure that you evaluate, through images and recommendations of previous satisfied Clients how the catering company deliver the service in terms of:

quality of the food and drinks – accuracy in presenting the food and related decoration of food stations;

number and professionalism of the staff used for your catering, which means quality of the service;

quality of the logistic process that make sure that the catering service has a reliable timing;

Overall image of the catering starting from the very first meeting/contact.

Which kind of catering services are available?

Flying Service: all food is served in canapes (also named finger-food) with waiters pass around and offering the food to the guests. It is also possible to mix the Service by having some of the offered food on displays so that the guests have the opportunity to find some of the canapes on food stations. Usually, in this kind of service, Foodit Catering suggests to offer some food, in addition to the above stated canapes/finger-foods, on food stations such as Cheese Station, Cheese and cold cuts station, Bread station, Dessert station, etc.

Sit-down Service: all food is served by the waiters directly at the table to all guests. Foodit Catering always serves bread and drinks individually to each guest. In this kind of Service it might be possible to add a shared aperitivo to the center of the table.

Buffet Service: all food is served buffet style and therefore presented in trays where all guests can serve themselves directly from the buffets and/or assisted by the waiters.

Mixed Service: usually the mix service is composed by: Flying Service for the aperitivo and Sit-down Service  afterwhile but can also be done with Buffet Service for the aperitivo followed by Sit-down Service.

How many hours of Service is included in my catering package?

Foodit catering offers a 8 hour standard service pack. This lenght of time includes a “forfait” of 3 hours to set Service (tables, tableware, kitchen área, etc.) and clean-up. Therefore the net time of the catering Service is 5 hours. Extra hours can be contracted at € 25,00 per hour per each person of the staff. In case a extra open bar service pack is contracted then the net service hours change accordingly. For instance if the Client decides to have a 3 hour open-bar Service then the 5 net hours becomes 8 just paying the extra fee of the open bar.

Is a catered meal cheaper than a restaurant one?

No, catering services are more expensive due to the fact that a catering company needs to manage a complex logistic issue to make sure that all food, drinks and other materials, as much as staff, are perfectly available in external sites where the overall service needs to be set from scratch.

Also, that mid-tier restaurant that you’re thinking of, where dinner would reasonably cost, in Ibiza or Formentera or Mallorca, 60-90 Eur/head including alcohol and tip. Let’s say the restaurant can hold 60 or 80 people.  Diners would come in over time and even at peak capacity, the kitchen only needs to be putting out around 20 dishes at the same time.  At a catered event such a wedding catering, however, all the food has to be ready immediately.  In the kitchen this means either:

A. more equipment (bigger roaster, bigger ovens, bigger storage and they’ve also got transportation costs that a restaurant doesn’t) or

B. more staff (to cook meals individually) or a combination of both factors. It also means that you’ll need way more waiters to bring all the food out.  So, serving the food at once increases the staff requirements  and the labor costs should be 2 or 3 times what that ideal mid-tier restaurant has to bear.

May a I have a cost breakdown of my catering service?

Unfortunately we cannot provide our costs breakdown.

Is it possible to try the food before confirming catering services?

Yes. Foodit Catering offers to all of its prospects Clients and/or confirmed Clients, the opportunity to enjoy a food testing. Food testing costs € 95,00 per person plus VAT 10%. This fee will be reimbursed if the catering services will be confirmed. The food testing includes wine testing as well but does not include dessert or wedding cake testing. Menu of food testing is designed on a short list of the desired menu for the catering.

What process should I follow to confirm a catering service?

First of all you need to collect all info in order to evaluate how Foodit Catering could suit your needs and desires. In order to do it Foodit Catering will provide all available images from real previous caterings (also available on Foodit Catering socials and official websites and ), its corporate presentation, eventual recommendations offered by previous Clients, a significative list of recipes available (please be aware that Foodit catering is able to design, prepare and supply any kind of menu/food/drinks so please feel free to ask any special food/cuisine/dietery you might wish/need and ask for bespoke menus). Once you have all the info and all of our price lists you can decide if you wish to book one of the offered services by making a down payment to secure the date of the service. The down payment is not refundable as it makes the catering company take the date out of the available dates for other clients. After secured the date you can start to go in depht of the menus, make all desired changes, discuss the style of the food and related presentation, etc.

Why should I make a down payment to confirm a catering service and what does it happen if I cancel or postpone the service?

A down payment is required in order to take out of availability the date in which you want to have your catering service and therefore, if you decide to cancel the above confirmed service, the amount will be retained  as compensation for the catering company as it could have not accepted other services in the same date and already activated actions that could have implied money outflows. In case the date of the service should be changed the catering company usually keep the down payment for the new date. It might happen that a small percentage could be retained in case the catering company should already had not rembursable money outflows.

Does Foodit Catering cater for dietary needs and/or special cultural/religious menus ?

Yes, Foodit Catering caters for Special dietaries such as fructose friendly, gluten free, dairy free and vegan. They will be wrapped and/or served separately from the rest. Foodit catering is also able and organized to provide special food menus as, for instance, Jewish cuisine.

Does Foodit Catering bake cakes and pastries in house?

Yes, Foodit Catering bakes everything in house. Our talented pastry chefs work tirelessly to bring you our scrumptious sweet treat…entirely “Home-made”.

Does Foodit Catering have a minimum of guests for its catering services?

Yes, Foodit catering minimum is 30 people

What if my event is below the minimums?

Foodit Catering will be delighted to provide catering for event more intimate events! There is a 15% increase in menu prices in order to compensate fixed expenses.

What happens if I want to change my menu?

No problem! Once you’ve secured your event date with a deposit down payment, you’ll have the freedom to adjust your menu and services as desired until 4 weeks prior to your event date without any additional charge unless your changes sensibly effect food cost (for instance if you want to change one chicken based recipe into another one lobster based).

Where can Foodit Catering cater?

Foodit Catering can cater at any location that allows caterers. This includes public or private locations, parks, recreation centers, shops, churches, venue spaces, villas, boats, exhibition centers (we are official authorized partner of all the exhibition centers in Ibiza), etc.

When does Foodit Catering need to know the number of guests?

Foodit Catering will need final guest count al least 2 weeks prior to event date, which is also when the final balance will be due.

What if I have changes within 2 weeks?

In order to move forward with event preparations, ordering, and staffing, we ask that all details are finalized at least 2 weeks prior to your event. We understand that things can arise in those final weeks of planning that were not previously anticipated, and with the exception of lowering your guest count we can generally make minor adjustments.

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